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We offer Acp cladding services, structural glazing services, Aluminium and Glass work, Glass Glazing services, Aluminium and Glass Structural glazing services, Front Elevation services, facade manufacturers services, Spider Structural glazing, curtain wall Glazing. Structure glazing is meant for the people who have taste of modern architecture and love to have their home our office building in such designs. Our organization is supported with a team of experts who design and provide premium quality Structural Glazing to our clients Our company has achieved milestone in providing Structural Glazing Service to our prestigious clients. We are offering Structural Glazing Service to our prominent clients. Our offered range of structure glazing is widely used in the industrial sector. In order to maintain pace with the requirements of the clients, experts accomplish this in given time frame on the glass within its airspace that reflects thermal radiation or inhibits its emission reducing heat transfer through the glass. A basic low-e coating allows solar radiation to pass through into a room. Thus, the coating helps to reduce heat loss but allows the room to be warmed by any sunshine. The low-e coating is usually on the inside pane of glass.

Acp cladding Structural glazing

ARK Glass Tech manufacture silk-screened ceramic frit glasses for architectural and commercial use. The process involves screen printing ceramic frit paint onto the glass and fusing it onto the surface during the toughening or heat strengthening process Structural Glazing Curtain Wall Facade – SG Glazing System versatile SR curtain wall facade and roof glazing system has been improved with additional features that allow the installation of silicone bonded glass, for a structural glazing application Flush door made out of aluminium door frame and 25 mm thick pre laminated particle board sealed with water resistant paint fixed in U type aluminium edge beading on three sides and one side beading having an over lap rebat with epdm gasket to reduce the closing noise Made in the form of a sandwich consisting of an interlayer of transparent About 58% of facade failure is due to component failure. Components are the first line of defence for a facade being a water-tight structure Each and every component used in a facade has a varying lifespan Glass that are use for high rise building facade or walls are shock proof, wind gust proof and withstand sands storms in most middle east regions The subsequent architectural aspirations resulted in the development of Curtain Glazing – where the Glazing started getting anchored on the face of the building giving a continuous glazed façade Our firm is blessed with a group of experienced and skilled professionals that offer these services with responsibility. In order to offer these services efficiently and on time, we use most advanced technology while fixing and installing ACP Cladding. Acp cladding Front Elevation Façade Exterior Cladding Aluminium composite panel cladding Aluminium Glass work structural glazing spider curtain wall contractors fabricators manufacturers companies company in Delhi Gurgaon Noida Faridabad Ghaziabad Greater Noida Manesar Meerut Sonipat.

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we are interior decorating firm, we provide all kind of interior and exterior work services in Delhi and NCR, we have long experience in Interior work.
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